Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hate being a woman

All I want to do is eat. I am feeling constantly hungry the past two days (damn period) and I a blowing through points like no bodies business. Normally I would just use my flex during the week and avoid eating out on the weekend to compensate but I have two dinners out already planned! Both dinners are with family and I have no call on the location of the first one on Friday because they are visiting so they get to choose. And if I know my family they wont even decide until 10 minutes before we go! Ah.

It is making me feel quite uneasy to say the least. The second dinner on Saturday night we are going to Margaritas and I know that I can order a grilled chicken salad which will be ok. I will also probably want a margarita but just one. By the way the salad that I am having comes in one of those large taco shells any idea on the points in that. Not that I will eat the whole thing but to be honest it is quite yummy so I will eat some of it. I have to be realistic about what will happen so it helps to know the damage before hand.

I have 15 weekly points left and 6 activity points banked. I am planning on an hour on the treadmill tonight so that is an additional 4 activity points. I will also be heading to my family's hotel for some swimming with my little brothers tomorrow and maybe Friday too. SO overall I am trying to combat my appetite with activity. I really just want to not feel hungry but I really want to lose weight this week. I want to hit those 170s so badly.


♥ Dee ♥ said...

All I know is:

a) that shell is a ridiculous amount of points, being deep fried goodness

b) I'm with ya... I could eat EVERYTHING this week

c) huh, I'm the opposite. I stay in rigid control Monday thru Friday so I can indulge out on the weekends.

Food Coma said...

OK I USUALLY do save up for weekends but when I have a week like this then I use them during the week. PS the worst part of eating the shell is when you dip into the dressing(ordered on the side of course) and then proceed to eat it!

Tanya said...

I was recently looking at the nutritional information for a taco salad. The difference between having it with or without the shell was FIVE HUNDRED calories. Ouch!