Saturday, February 7, 2009

I need to slow down.

Wow it has been a long week! I really do apologize for not keeping up on my blog, it is not intentional. I am going to try harder next week but I am reading your blogs and trying to comment as much as I can! I think that school is stealing all my brain strength!

Ok on the food front I have been sticking to my points and choosing pretty healthy foods. I have had to eat lunches and dinners on campus a few times just because I some of the stuff I bought to lunches went bad really fast. I have been sticking to sandwiches because I feel like I can figure out the points more accuratly. When I could get off campus to grab something I grabbed subway so basically a lot of sandwiches this week.

We went to the olive garden last night for date night. I checked out the points for my meal online, I splurged on the lunch portion of the chicken alfredo (18points) one breadstick (3) and salad of course. I was able to stop at 1/2 of the pasta all of the grilled chicken in it. I had really filled up on salad before my food got there so that was good. I had enough points to cover everything so I feel ok about it.

I am babysitting tonight in a healthy house so that is good. I plan on getting a lot of my homework/studying done and working on my grocery list/food menus for the week.

Tomorrow morning I will weigh in, I am hoping to see a lower number but I'm not sure it will happen. It is really hard to understand why I am not losing even though I am eating my points. I guess next week I am try to not eat my flex 35 and see if that helps. I also need to incorporate more veggies this week. I think that I will try to be home more this week and not take any extra babysitting jobs so that I can focus on eating healthy and packing my lunches. The extra money is nice but I am just trying to do to much as once.

All right folks that I all I have for my week recap..see I told you there wasn't much going on besides school! Take care.


Criztawl said...

Best of luck with your weigh-in tomorrow!!

Michelle said...

Good Luck! Can't wait to hear how you did.

Kari said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. Just curious...btw. school, babysitting, and everything in btw. are you managing to get any exercise in?