Saturday, February 21, 2009

I thought about weighing in early today so that I could sleep in tomorrow but with the first glace at my home scale decided It said I was up 2+ pounds. It made me a little sad. I mean I have worked up 17 activity points that I haven't eaten ..yet. I am within my points and I ate all my flex as of yesterday. I am really just hoping that it is the sodium from dinner last night. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and see if those 2 disappear.

I am also going out to dinner tonight at Margaritas, a grilled chicken salad for me and a melon margarita too. I am going to work on my water intake today to flush out some sodium and clean my house for a little light activity.

A clean house can really work wonders for my mental health, it helps me be overall more productive and positive. Add to that a clean fridge and it is amazing how much more appetizing cooking and veggies look. Clutter really makes me crazy, even though I don't notice that it is making me crazy until it is gone. Clear counters, table tops, and floors I cannot wait!

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The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I have been reading blogs and it seems a lot of us have gone up this week and we seem to suspect sodium. I have found it very interesting to see how universal these trends become. Sodium is definitely a factor, but it makes me wonder if we are not also affected by air pressure or something. Fat air theory ? Who knows. In either case it is a whole new week and we can just dust ourselves off and try again.