Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shopping day.

I went out shopping a bit today, picked up a new hoodie from American Eagle and noticed that I finally feel comfortable in that store now. I used to think that people were wondering how I would even fit in the clothes there even though I did fit into the xl. I actually bought a large today and it fit really nicely. It is great to be able to see my curves starting to show more and to feel like I have a waist. Ten pounds down makes such a big difference, I cannot wait to see what 20 lbs down looks like!

I also made a motivating purchase, a new ipod shuffle PINK. I already have a ipod touch but I wanted something that I could clip to my shirt and go. I will be able to use it on the treadmill without fear of it falling and breaking. SO thats very exciting!

ON the food front I know I could be doing better but its ok. I am enjoying what I eat today and taking time to listen to my body. I have few weekly points left and I know that dinner will probably be pretty sodium laden so I dont nessesarily expect a large loss Sunday. I may actually wait until Monday morning to weigh in or just weigh in and not look. It really such a mental thing for me.

I guess that brings us to my Valentines day plans, dont get too excited. We have a tradition of staying in, ordering pizza, and watching a movie. It was actually my idea on out first vaentines and I have never regretted it once. I would much rather stay in then go out into the crowds of people trying too hard to create this unobtainable ideal of the perfect date. I also tell my husband to not buy me flowers!! Imagine that, I love flowers! I tell him to wait until after vd to avoid the inflated prices.

Anyways no classes next week Yay break! I also have Monday and Friday off! It is going to be really nice to catch up and unwind a bit. There will most definitely be a haircut in my very near future, can't wait!


marie said...

Have a great night with the hubby :)

Julie said...

I hope you enjoy your pink shuffle. I love my ipod shuffle for working out.
Have a nice night in with your honey!

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

That's a really great NSV that you are able to wear a smaller size and be comfortable in it! I'm happy for you!

Bre said...

I LOVE my ipod shuffle!! Congrats on the new purchases!!!

Sarah :) said...

I TOTALLY identify with your feeling uncomfortable in American Eagle. I'm the same way...there and in Aeropostale. I always feel like they're looking at me too! How funny...we need to get over that!