Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly goals

Ok so last week was a bit of a bust, I checked my home scale it is telling me that I stayed around the same weight as last week. I kinda gave up towards the middle of the week so I am hoping to set a couple weekly goals to help me along this week. I am sticking to three because I want to be able to keep them in mind and if I get too many then I forget!

1. Start the day with a bottle of water (that's 20oz down by 9am)
2. Pack and eat my lunches each day
3. Don't eat the snacks at work unless it is fruit!

I am really focusing on how amazing I felt before school started when I was so ON plan. I felt great and I want to feel great again!! NO more sluggish, tired, or overstuffed Jess here. Beautiful Bridesmaid and I are both looking to lose 10lbs in February so it is on! We CAN do it!!


Kud said...

YES YOU CAN SISTAH!!! I'm right by your side!!

Sarah :) said...

Great attitude!! I liked what you said, it IS a new day, new week, new month! It's great to set little goals like that...I know they'll help!

Julie said...

You have great goals!

Great attitude and I know you will loose 10 lbs in Feb for sure :)

karen said...

GREAT goals for the week and good luck on the 10!!!

Kari said...

Those sound like some great goals, you remember why you want to stick to them, it WILL be a great month!

Thinspired said...

Seem like great goals to me! I need to work on my water intake, too!