Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yay 5% gone.

I'm working on small obtainable goals as far as my weight loss goes so this week I hit 10lbs which is the goal I was aiming for, which is also 5% lost for me. My next small goal is to be in the 170's, Wooo here I come!

Usually I end up quiting ww around the 175lb point when I plateau but this time I am going to blow that away! 130's here I come!!


Sarah :) said...

I hear you about the "usual plateau." The past THREE TIMES I tried this I got stuck in the same dang place and end up giving up. I'm almost there now, and I already keep giving myself pep talks: "Don't stop there this time! Keep on going!"
So I can give you a pep talk too, if you need one. *haha*

carla said...

make your mantra, perhaps, THIS IS THE TIME I SMASH THAT GLASS CEILING!!

(and start carrying a tiny pickaxe? :))


Thinspired said...

Awesome! Congrats, 5% is really great :)

Kud said...

WOOOHOOO. Congrats on the 5% loss. Small goals are the way to go!