Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weigh etc

SO I was up .2 on Monday morning, no biggie after all the vday chocolate. I'm not sure what is up with my weight not being listed on the BLBE challenge because I am sending them in. I emailed Angie and I will see what she says. I think it is a conflict over my weigh in day being Sunday and the reporting being on Sunday so I am thinking of weighing on Sunday still but reporting on Monday. I just want my team to know that I am trying hard and doing my part.

Beyond all that I got my monthly curse this morning, I woke up in pain! So today has been rough to say the least. I had to be at work an hour early to top it off! Oh well. Tomorrow is an early day again but that also means that I will be out early to enjoy the rest of my day. I have a bunch of homework to get down so that I can enjoy my weekend so hopefully I can bring myself to work on that tomorrow.

Take care!!


Julie said...

I hope Angie can figure your little issue out.

Kud said...

Yea I agree with Julie. I hope angie works it all out! thanks for working really hard and the A-team totally appreciates your hard work!