Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tonight after work as I was driving home with a raging sinus headache I decided to stop at Mcdonalds and pick up dinner. I knew that it was going to be way too many points, filled with yucky fat, and would make me feel sluggish and sick afterwards. I didn't care, I was cranky, tired,and in pain.

F-that I snapped out of it just in time to turn in to subway and picked up sandwiches for the hubby and I. It was healthier, cheaper, and I feel very content after eating it. Woo how far I have come. I made a better choice not only for myself but for my husband too.

PS the sodium from eating out this weekend has gone away and my weight seems a bit more friendly as of this morning.


Criztawl said...


♥ Dee ♥ said...

I echo Criztawl. You totally rock!

If you ever are craving McDonald's, my favourite meal there is 2 chicken fajitas and a fruit & yoghurt parfait.

Julie said...


Great NSV!

marie said...

But it was fat tuesday :P

Good job, lady!

Karen said...

Great job!