Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner out.

I had dinner out with a friend tonight at applebees and I have to admit I did pass on the ww menu because it just seemed kind of crappy choices. I instead chose a chicken bruschetta sandwich with a side salad. It was a higher point choice but I think that it was still better than the usual boneless buffalo wings with ranch.  So alls good in the hood. 
So since posting menus worked so well last week I am going to try it again this week. Obviously still starting at night 5pm which is when I reset my points. 
6:00pm applebees- 16pts
7pm sugarfree fudgcicle (2) 1pt
7:30 bottle of water, apple- 1pt
9:00 cereal 2pts
11:30 smart pop 100 cal 2pts
  cereal 4pts
1:30pm ish 100 cal pack and iced coffee 4pts

30pts total = 6pts over :(  Oh well thats what fp are for. 
Hopefully I can get some activity in, I do have a major paper to work on which will take precedence. 

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