Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday menus

I had a pretty good Thursday but I have been slacking on my water intake most likely due to the fact that I have been drinking diet coke once again. Ah the dc debate, I stopped drinking it for a couple months but to be honest I didn't lose any weight all I lost was a 0 point indulgence. I missed having my diet coke and so I am just trying to keep it in moderation. 
My activity levels are pretty low but I seem to gain when I work out anyways for some ungodly reason. I am going to try to get the husband out of the house this weekend and hopefully go for a mini hike somewhere. I also am having my pictures taken on Sunday at a local park, on the ocean so I am hoping that I end up looking ok in them. I refuse to wait for things until I am thinner, I have missed out on too much in my life because of that. I will get the pics taken and if I look fat well then I will have that much more motivation hanging on my wall. 

Here's the plan for the evening/tomorrow. 
5pm Ham and cheese sandwich with pickles on the side 6pts
7pm sg free pudding and 100 cal pack- 3pts
sleep in- pancakes for brunch- 5pts
1ish grilled cheese- 5pts 
3pm snack- 2pts
Thats 21pts but I will probably add something to dinner to make up the 3pts. 

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