Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wed food diary

So I figured that I should adjust my food journal to be more accurate. I reset my point everyday at 5pm because I find it makes it easier to adjust for my day. I think it is easier to skimp on lunch than it is to on dinner. 

5PM applebees, not exactly sure yet probably around 12-15 pts EDIT-> dinner was cancelled
 5PM Spaghetti and bread 8pts
7pm bottle of water

7:30AM- slimfast 3pts
9:00 - special k protein with 1% 2pts
11:30- cukes with dip 3pts
    1 Pita with laughing cow 2pts
1:30 triscuit thins  and fruit 3 pts

This puts me over my points a bit but that is what flex is for.
Water 4 bottles
exercise- bike 45 minutes

As you can see I tend to get in a bit of a routine eating the same foods for a while but eventually something else will catch my eye and it will change. 

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