Saturday, August 16, 2008

Same old thing

I'm still up to my moderately poor eating habits, although I have decided that it is now time to stop. Eating intuitively hasn't been working all that well to be honest, I'm up again. I just cleared my house of all the not so point friendly foods and have decided to focus on eating within stricter boundaries. Counting points maybe, I haven't fully decided yet, but I will decide that before tomorrow.
    Regardless of how I decide to monitor my eating I do plan on scheduling my meals for the week ahead and sticking to it. I always seem to struggle with what to eat for dinner so I think that it will help to have already planned. I have also instituted cereal for dinner night 2x a week. Its healthy, low points, cheap, and easy. It is also a way to sneak in some fun because there are whole grain cereals out there that are really yummy, personally I like fruity pebbles. 
As much as I hate to say it I have dinner out plans tonight which means tricky ordering at the place we are going but I will do. I'm not that hungry anyways. SO here we go, again. 

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