Friday, August 1, 2008

And on and on

        So the poor eating hasn't stopped yet but it as strange as it sounds is controlled. I am trying to get in all the foods I never let myself have. Yes I know, weight watchers isn't a diet (haha) and I can always eat what I want (haha) but the reality is with the points systems there are just some foods that don't add up (forgive the pun). 
      I know that it's probably not the best idea to consume all these foods in the period of a weekend but you know what, I needed a break. I wasn't losing and I needed the freedom for a couple days.          
         During all this "freedom" I also went out and bought healthy groceries so I am stocked for the beginning of the week. Or maybe sooner. I know that my body will start craving better fuel, it already has started to and when it does I will be prepared. 
I have also started to think about rejoining ww and actually attending the meetings. I have wanted to for a while but I have been a bit strapped for cash. I am working on my budget to wiggle some things around and hopefully I can figure something out. 

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