Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So I have been freaking out a little about going to this fair this weekend. I know that I am very likely to order what I always do....a dough boy aka funnel cake with cinnamon and sugar yum! SO I figured it would be best to look up the nutritional information on them.  HAHAHAHA 19 points!!!! Yeah I don't think so. That is like 4 pieces of pizza or a quarter pounder with cheese and a med fry. Soo not worth it.  
SO when I realized that realistically they are not a choice I looked up other fair foods. I decided that I could have a cotton candy AND a candied apple for only 6 points, much better.  I know its a lot of sugar but it is a better choice. 
I'm not going to lie, I will take a bite of the husbands doughboy, and I will undoubtably enjoy it immensely. Wow that is a load off my chest, I am going to be able to have fun and eat yummy things without guilty because I have planned for them. Plus think of all the walking to be done at a fair not to mention chasing around all my little nephews. 

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