Sunday, August 17, 2008


Soo I thought that I might put up my daily menu in advance for tomorrow and see if that helps me keep to my points. So here is the plan
7:30 Slimfast 3pts
9:00 cereal or cereal bar 2pts
11:30 2 small pitas with laughing cow cheese 4pts
   cucumbers with dip 2pts
2:00 snack- fruit 2pts
5:00 chicken with corn on the cob 6pts
7:00 2-3 pt snack 

Water goal 4- 20oz bottles
activity goal- 30 minutes on the bike or a 30 min walk.

Well there's the plan stan. 

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Criz-tawl said...

Okay, this is the second time you've made me crave something :P Now I want the pitas with laughing cow cheese ... Mmm sounds soo good. I should get you to make up my menu plans :P