Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu for Tuesday

7:30 slimfast 
9:00 cereal or cereal bar
11:30 cukes and dip 3
   pita with laughing cow 2
1:30 fruit
5:15 dinner out with a friend, Applebees so probably something from the ww menu (any suggestions?)

Water- 4 bottles 
activity- heading to the dog park so a little walking there
     -bike 30 minutes

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Anonymous said...

YAYYY For getting back on track. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hate those bikini pics but I figure one day I will look hot in them. It is one I wore on my Honeymoon 2 years ago when I was like a size 4/6, so Im determined to get back in my bikinis... I have like 12 of them. I will not buy a 1 peice I am way to young for that, so I am determined to get back in them. Next Summer Im gonna be one hot bikini babe.... =)

I ordered the Richard Simmons from They are the old sweatin to the oldies videos just finally they put them on dvd.