Sunday, September 14, 2008

100 Posts

Wow for a first time blogger I am psyched to think that I have posted 100 times! I also have realized that I have wasted 100 posts worth of time trying unsuccessfully to lose this weight. I think that maybe 50 posts ago that thought would have discouraged me but not today. 

I am able to see that time as attempts at eating well and the fact that I could have spent that time eating poorly for it's entirety rather than on and off. 
-I have spent that time finding things that work for me and those that don't. 
-I learned to be more instinctual in my eating 
-that I prefer a little of the real stuff rather than a lot of the fake stuff. 
-I've learned how to bake and cook in healthier ways
- I've learned that if you have to cover it in cheese then it probably doesn't taste that good. 
-I've learned that having the support of other bloggers make my life better and that I want nothing more than to pass that back on to them. 

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