Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back in the Game.

Ok so my head is back in the game. I am trying something new, counting calories. I realize that this isn't something new and I am a definite believer in the idea that weight loss is simply- calories in calories out.
 It's kind of funny though because it is a harder adjustment that counting points. I have been counting points for so long that I just know how many points foods are but not necessarily the calorie count.  I am using calorie king a lot to figure out the calories in things like chicken, fruit, and other foods that might not have the nutrition information on them.  I am aiming for about 1300 calories a day. 
I am also focusing on getting an hour of activity a day (5-6 days a week), whether it is walking, biking, or a dvd workout. I have carved out time in my days between work and classes to allow for it. I am taking Wednesday off due to a packed schedule and Saturday because I am on the run anyways so I probably get more activity on Saturday anyways. 
I have attempted running in the past but it wasn't working out for me so I am going to try some activities that are home based and require no travel time or dress requirements. Eventually I will try again but for now it's not in the cards. 
Here I go again. 

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