Sunday, September 21, 2008

Note to self.....

....being unprepared is not an excuse to eat crap...even if it is in your calorie range... and even if you are in a hurry. With all my night classes (3 a week tues-th until 7or8pm) I tend to want to run to fast food between classes or on my way to class. Its just easier, quicker, less messy, and tastes decent. Besides salads there aren't too many healthy choices on the ff menus here so it is usually a happy meal or something like that. 
I feel a lot of indifference about food lately, I would rather not eat than eat salads or veggies. This is an issue especially for me because I get nauseous and spacey when I don't eat often enough. I have been using slimfast to fill the void but I know that I'm not teaching myself to eat correctly it is just a short term fix. 
My solution to this is to plan out my menus around the special time issues. To realize that I don't have to eat a plate of pasta or a meat and potatoes meal to feel that I have had a real meal. I need to realize that I can have a yogurt and fruit or a granola bar and that is ok for a mini meal. I need to remove myself from the meat and potatoes state of mind. 
Does anyone have any good mini meal ideas, food combinations, or good travel foods to share with me?

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