Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to school

It was my first day back to class and already I am feeling the food crunch. After a day of classes it is just so much easier to run through the drivethru and grab something. I am trying to plan and fight it but it is always a challenge especially when dealing with the adjustment of a new schedule.

On a different note I did visit my campus nurse practitioner today and discussed my lack of weight loss progress and so tomorrow I am heading to the lab for some blood work (yuck) I am such a baby when it comes to needles. 
They tried to take blood at the office today but couldn't get a good vein, so off to the phlebotomist I go.  Wish me luck. I am getting thyroid test and a couple of others too, a complete metabolic something or other and a cbc I think. 
The bottom line is that I just want to know what is going on with my body and why it doesn't want me to lose weight and be healthy. So thats the plan Stan. 
I have a full day of work and classes tomorrow in which to squeeze in this bloodwork so hopefully I can get in and get it done so I can get my results by the end of the week. 

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Phoenixrising said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Hopefully you can get some answers and find some direction! I know how frustrating it can be, trying your hardest and not getting anywhere, so I'm hopin and prayin that you'll find out what you need to know! :)