Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bummed out

I messed up today. I got home from class at 8pm tonight and at that point I was at about 1300 calories. I was hungry and I just kept picking and picking. When I added it all up it was almost 800 calories worth of nothing. junk. I didn't even enjoy any of it because I didn't get the chance because it was just this and that...mindless. 
Sucks. Sucks even a little bit more because today was my day off from working out. I can't workout now because I wouldn't be able to sleep. My mind gets really buzzing after I work out so if I do it too late at night I cannot turn off my brain to sleep.  
Well tomorrow is another day. I am going to try to make up for it tomorrow. I think that I will try to plan out my meals...why not now ; )

B 7am- Yogurt 100cal
S 9:30 cereal at work with the kiddies 200 cal
L-11:30 crap idea
S-2pm yogurt 70 cal
D-3:30 Slimfast (on my way to class) 170 cal
S- 5pm pretzels or baked chips 100-140 cal

Thats about 700 calories without lunch.  Maybe a cereal lunch day since there isn't too many other options in my kitchen right now. I will workout for an hour sometime between work and class 12-3:30pm. 

There's the plan Stan. 

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