Saturday, September 27, 2008

This may sound funny

This may seem strange but I think I am going to lay off the exercise this week in help with my weight loss. Hmm well it seems the more I work out the less I lose. The math doesn't seem to work but hey I have a lot to do this week (2 exams to study for) so it will be nice to have the extra time. I plan to keep up with the calorie counting and we will see how that goes.

The only problem I can see with my plan of counting calories  and working out last week  was that maybe with all the working out I wasn't taking in enough calories. I was at around 12-1500 cal a day and was working out 30- 60 minutes 5 days a week. Could that be the problem? Do I need to eat more if I am working out? I figured if I was feeling ok then what I was eating was fine.  

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