Thursday, September 4, 2008


SO I got my labs back today, I have never been so sad to be normal. Everything came back normal. Now I have no excuses, it is all my own fault that I am a weight loss failure. I must be sabotaging myself somewhere, I don't know. 
I feel that I don't have anywhere to turn anymore. Weight watchers is not working for me and it is all I know. I'm really not sure what I am going to do now but I know I have to do something because not losing weight is not an option.  

I hope that you day was better than mine.


Bethiej said...


I just wanted you to know that I read your blog and I am going through the SAME EXACT THING. I went and had my labs done about a month ago because I was so tired of trying so hard working out and following WW and not getting anywhere.

I was so freaking pissed when my labs came back fine. My doc referred me to a weight loss clinic here in MA which has a certified doc, trainer, etc. I go on the 22nd and am crossing my fingers that he can give me an answer. I just feel like my metabolism has quit on me or something!

Keep your chin up...we'll make it through this, right?

Phoenixrising said...

aw man, that sucks! Well, have you thought of trying another plan other than WW? There's SO many options out there... ww doesn't have to be the ONLY way... keep your chin up! I'm rootin for ya!