Tuesday, September 23, 2008

mind games

It's kinda of funny when you are watching what you eat and working out that your weight likes to play mind games with you. I know that I feel like I have leaned up and have been treating my body well but the bottom line say I gained my 3lb loss back. It's frustrating. Why the mind games? And why do I let myself be ruled by them. I know how my body feels and that should be enough. I need to put the scale away. 
I wonder when my body will catch up with my mind. I'm still going to count calories and get my workouts in. I am still going to live my life and gauge my mood by how I feel not what the scale says. 
I am going to put the scale away with the exception of Monday morning so that I can weigh in with the chubby chick challenge. Trust me this is not a wah wah poor me post just trying to analyze my thoughts....sorry psych major. 

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Kari said...

yeah it sucks when you do it all right and you still gain. I think it's just to mess with your head to see if you'll stay on plan. which of course I know you will so let's see what it says next week!