Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day

Ahh so I graduated today. Talk about a long long day. Lots and lots of emotional family junk happened but overall it was ok. I really enjoyed spending some time with my inlaws they took us out for dinner last night and again tonight (on a related note eating has been pretty bad).

My own mother on the other hand left right after I walked acrossed the stage and I didnt even get a chance to see her. I was really disappointed seeing all my friends with thier mothers having to explain that mine was already gone. I didnt even see her before graduation because she was so late getting there. She didn't even see anything wrong with leaving early to pick up balloons for my neices birthday that was 3 hours later in the day. I almost cried but was able to stop myself. I just don't get it. I am her FIRST child to graduate from college. Thanks for even more emotional baggage mother.

I am just glad that I had my inlaws there to support me, I am truely blessed in that way.

So as I said before I haven't been eating well the past couple days but the scale was down this morning...go figure. As for plans for this coming week I plan on cutting my morning coffees down to 2 a week, saving money and calories. I also plan on getting my house organized so that I can be ready to get back on a more healthy track.

So here we go, another week, another attempt at being a healthier me.


Criztawl said...

Congratulations on Graduating!!! You must be so proud of yourself.

Sorry about your mom ... I've yet to recieve a congrats from my parents. Mind you my Graduation isn't until June 17th ... they probably won't be attending though because it's at 9:30 in the morning and on a Wednesday, and I don't think they want to drive 2.5 hours just to see me walk across a stage.

Julie said...


Sorry to hear about your mom. That would upset me as well. I take things like that really hard.
Be thankful your inlaws were there to support you and be proud of youself.

I hope you do better next week, try not to eat your emotions...I know that's hard.

Fatinah said...