Wednesday, May 27, 2009

yuck day.

I had a rough day today, I was feeling yucky and I haven't been sleeping well at all. I started the day off good with a strawberry smoothie (almond breeze, greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, strawberries, and whey protein) and that was ok but by lunch I lost it.

I wanted comfort food and I wanted a lot of it. I went to panera and got a bowl of soup and a sandwich (not so bad I guess) both of which I ate most of including the bag of chips and the baguette. It was a lot of points.

I almost fell into a bad cycles and skipped dinner but I didn't I had a normal dinner, just a little on the high side. I have used all my weekly points and went over by 3 to boot. I have a couple choices now, give up (yeah freaking right) or press on trying to keep within my points for the rest of the week and get a little extra exercise tomorrow.

I am not going to beat myself up for this. It happens. Hopefully it won't happen much in the future, I don't think it will. I am going to relax for the rest of the evening, take my vitamin, and a lovely bubble bath.

Thanks to all of you giving me smoothie recipes and keep em coming!! I bought the vanilla protein powder do you prefer the chocolate?? Let me know. I bought the whole foods 365 brand.

BTW I have been looking at bikes on the cheap end of the spectrum and found a cute little cruiser/beach bike on the walmart website that I might get. I want to make sure I will use it though because I live in an apt and space is limited. What do you think do you bike?


totegirl said...

I'm sorry you were feeling puny. But having a bad day does not mean giving up, and I'm glad to hear it from you!

I love biking. I don't know what your terrain is like, but cruisers are best for flat surfaces. They tend to be very heavy, so if you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor of an apartment, I'd reconsider. I have a mountain bike, which is also quite heavy, and it's an 18 gear because of all the hills and bike in Austin. That being said, I've seen some super adorable Schwinn cruisers at Target that I covet. Too bad it's so hilly here!

Keep us posted. I hope you are feeling better. (((HUGS!)))

Crystal said...

I haven't biked in a good 2 years, however when I was biking I loved it. I too live in an apartment, I got a bike where the front wheel comes off and that the frame is light so that I could carry it up the stairs, or in the elevator and then put it out on our balcony.

Biking is a great way to get exercise in!

jh said...

Great attitude-you're right this happens and the people who succeed at weight loss are the ones who pick back up where they left off, time after time! As for biking--do it, it is fun and saves money on gas. Try renting a bike for a day or two to see if you really like it, but if so--get a decent bike, it really makes a difference. Better to go with a very nice used bike off of craigslist or in the paper than a cheap one from Wallmart. Well made bikes are safer, easier to ride, and sturdier. Hope that helps!

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Christina said...

Sorry you had a crummy day! I've been there before. Sometimes it happens, but you move on and keep going.

I love my bike. When I'm not running, I'm on the bike with my famiy.

Anonymous said...

When I'm faced with temptation, I always stop to ask myself if what I want right then is more than what I want the most. Most of the time, I'll skip the temptation. Other times, I tell myself to stfu and eat whatever it is I want lol It's all about moderation, and it seems like you're going to be just fine :)

Before you buy your bike, swing by a local bike shop - they're very friendly and will help you find out what size bike fits you best. Don't worry about them pressuring you to buy from them, they're pretty cool. Then at least you'll know what size to buy when you go to WalMart. I used to have a cruiser, but it wasn't friendly to my body - I now have a road bike and love it! Have fun!