Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last final tomorrow morning YAY!! Graduation is Saturday then my first summer class starts on rest for the wicked I suppose.

I have been sticking to the eat well plan, nothing regimented but just trying to make good choices and it hasn't helped or hurt me so far. Next week back to a real loss plan....which one, that I do not know. Most likely weight watchers but this time I am really going to hit it with the exercise too. I have never really been able to marry the two, food and exercise but this summer I will have more free time up until August when my internship starts so here is to a good summer.

Wish me well tomorrow, fortunitly I calculated that I only need a 30 on this exam to get the grade I need so not too high pressure but it is essay format so hopefully I dont go blank!!!

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Anonymous said...

Goood luck! You're almost done :D