Friday, May 29, 2009

Wahhh sick

I caught a cold, a congested, runny nose, and coughing cold. I am hangin in there food wise and will be glad to start another new week on Sunday. I am really loving the idea of weekly clean slates because it keeps a feeling of newness to eating well. As most of you know I am big on setting short term (weekly) goals.

This past week was to cut down on coffee and I did a really good job. I want to keep up with the lowering the coffee intake and move forward with new weekly goals. Not 100% what I want to commit to this week but I will let ya know soon. I'm sure you are dying to know! ; )

For now I am going to enjoy a super exciting evening of a bath, book, and booze......haha right. Actually I may partake in a little drink in the tub to help me sleep. We shall see.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I hope you start feeling better real soon!!!

Best of luck on your weigh-in on Sunday :)