Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly goals

So I weighed in today and I am down 1 pounds (woo happy dance) I have to be honest I am a little surprised because towards the end of the week I wasn't counting I was just eating well. This made me think a little bit about the number of points that I get a day. I don't think it is enough to loose, I think it is too low so I reset my activity level from the sedentary (level 1) to the second level of activity. I gained 2 points a day and I will see how that helps me.

On way it will help me is that I have those two extra points to use for breakfast. SO that brings us to goal #1 for the week. dah da dah dahhhh Eat a real breakfast every morning. Smooties, oatmeal, an egg real stuff to fuel me for the day.

Goal #2 Water, keeping the water bottle with me at all times, especially when I am not home.

Goal #3 This one is really just to make me happy...focus on presentation. I want to make my food look pretty using nice fun dishes and taking the time to enjoy my food.

Oh why not goal #4 is to include a fruit with my dinner to help beat that desire to have something sweet when I am done.

I am feeling excited about life lately, big things are happening in my life. I start my teaching internship in the fall, I graduated from college, I am in a wedding in January, and the newest is that we are hopefully going to go on a cruise in February with another couple which is something I have never done!

Here is to a spectacular week for all!!


Crystal said...

Congrats on the wicked loss ... keep at it :)

Anonymous said...

I think goal #3 is great. I think it's really easy to see eating as kind of a chore when you're losing making presentation a priority to make it more special is an awesome idea!