Monday, November 10, 2008


As a few of you might know I am in college working on my degree in psychology and also in a teaching program in order to get my masters in teaching. In one of my classes this past week the prof said something that really hit home on multiple levels. 
He Said: When you reward reading with a pizza party where are you placing the value?
Basically instead of teaching our children that reading is valuable we are teaching them that if you get through this terrible, borring, horrible thing that we call reading then you can have this wonderful thing we call pizza (candy, toys, playtime). Why don't we reward reading with books?

Ok so this is a weight loss blog (kind of) and so I will make the connection in case that doesn't make sense. When I started running I thought that I would reward myself with things like books, makeup, or manicures. So I was turning running into the bad part and placing the value on the things. The truth is that I should place the value on the act of running. The clarity of my mind, the energy I feel after, and the way my body feels stronger after a run. So think about your life and your children..where are you placing the values?

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