Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weight watchers dropout

     As much as I don't think I can really afford to go back to weight watchers I am really leaning towards it. I have a little money saved up from babysitting jobs that will pay for 3-4 months that I might use to pay in advance. 

   As I look back at my past year of weight stagnation I have come to realize that what I am doing right now isn't working. I am not able to hold myself accountable, it is just too easy to say screw it I'll cut back somewhere else. 

    My feelings of reservation about going back to weight watchers are mostly about my mental health. Let me explain, when I am doing weight watchers I get a  little obsessed with numbers. I am always thinking about what I can and cannot afford to eat points wise. I am constantly looking for the lowest point items to eat rather than enjoying what I eat. 

      Also I have to figure out when I can go to meetings, and worst of all I have to face the weight watchers people after dropping out for like the 3rd time. I almost feel like they are going to say "see I told you, you can't do it without us" or "maybe you should stick around this time". I know it's silly but it is a worry that I have. I'll probably at least get the look, if not the words. As I write that I realize just how self centered it sounds :P  

Perhaps that best plan is to try to do ww at home for a week or two and then sign up. Oh I wonder when the free registration starts up again? Wouldn't that be convenient? 


hannah katherine said...

have you ever tried googling "weight watchers coupon"? sometimes it gives you good deals - although i've only done ww online, so i'm not sure about getting discounts on packages with meetings, etc. good luck! i know it helps me to have a plan to stick by, too : )

spunkysuzi said...

They usually have free registration after christmas and they have a new program coming out!! May be the motivation you need??

Criz-tawl said...

I did WW's online for a month or two at the beginning of my weight loss journey ... like you I became addicted to the numbers. Every once in awhile I think about going back to WW's but then the numbers get to me again ... best of luck.