Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out of Town

Ahh it is lovely to be back home. We got back last night and I got right back into routine. I ran last night and walked today so I am feeling pretty on track. I didn't eat too much while away and Thanksgiving has never been too big of a problem for me. I probably had a couple too many sweets but besides that not too bad at all. 
On another note as much as I love the holidays I feel like it is really crunch time. I have finals to worry about, travel for Christmas, money of course, my rent went up, and to top it off my job. I am currently in a grant funded position that ends at the end of December unless it is renewed. With the current financial issues in the university  and beyond I am not all that sure it will happen which will leave me jobless at the worst time of year. I love my job (preschool teacher) and that is why I will wait it out to hope for the best. I suppose all of this simply equals STRESS. 
One thing I will not stress about is my diet/exercise because I CAN control that; unlike much that is listed above. I will plan my food, saving time and money by purchasing only what I need to make the meals planned. I will use my running as stress relief/me time. 
I am going to focus on planning my time for EVERYTHING from shopping to school to meals and of course exercise. Here we go....bring it on December.

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