Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow another rough day. I went to talk to my prof about some issues I have been having in class and had a total melt his office..uncontrollable sobbing. It was horrible. I guess I have been holding way too much stress in this semester and it finally erupted. I got myself together my prof was really understanding and we finished our chat. I felt better when I left but then proceeded to get into my car a cry for the 30 minute drive. I feel so drained. 
I think that I left the meeting with some good ideas and I feel better about the situation. I feel like I can make a better plan. 
It was kind of funny though when I was done crying all I could think about was how it would feel good to go for a run and clear my head. That has got to be a good sign. Due to certain circumstances I was unable to go for the run but I feel good that I turned to running as opposed to food. Normally I would hit a drivethru of some sort and pretend that it would make me feel better. Yay that my friend is called progress. 

I have been avoiding setting up any sort of dietary plan because my mind has just been so occupied by school. I feel like I am cheating myself by not watching what I eat but I have also noticed that I don't snack as much when I am not focused on diet diet diet. Its such a catch22 for me. I think that I will try to find the time to make a loose plan for lunches and dinners and see how that works. I am tired of diets I just really want to focus on making healthy choices. 

Ah now for some mindless tv and sleep. 


carla said...

amen to the catch22, Sister.

and may I point out that what you are doing mightcould be inching toward INTUITIVE EATING?

this remark especially made me think that:

I have also noticed that I don't snack as much when I am not focused on diet diet diet.


Criz-tawl said...

I always avoid face to face chats with my instructors because I'm a huge ball of emotions and I'll start crying. I find I'm always emailing them.

Anonymous said...

Girl.. u can do this. take 5 minutes and make that foodplan. I did last week, and its pretty easy to stick to! U go girl!
PS. are u still sticking to the point system or are u just eating healthy!