Monday, December 15, 2008

and it was....

GOOD, other than the receptionist not having a clue about how to set up my monthly pass since I signed up online. My meeting leader is a riot, she is an ex nun, now school teacher, and she has really great stories. 

Today was my first full day of counting points and I'm not going to lie, its tough.  I have been so used to just eating because the urge strikes that now that I have to thin about it I am a little frustrated. I'm out of points and a little "hungry" I think or bored, stressed, Not thristy though. I got in more that the alloted beverage requirement in today. 

I weighed in at my highest weight ever today. That was a tough one. I knew it was coming but it still stung. I have never posted my weight on my blog before but I am starting to feel like it is the best way to keep me really accountable to you and myself. I weighed in at 193.4. It scares me that I am that close to 200lbs, I know that it is time for change.

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hannah katherine said...

way to be honest, though, jess! you're on your way to good health, i know!