Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very interesting weigh in.

So firstly I weighed in this morning down 4.6lbs YAY!! The downside is that leaving weight watchers I slid off the road for about 20ft and had to rely on the help of strangers to push me out.  It was pretty scary. I had expected poor weather today but it wasn't supposed to happen until the evening. Wrong it hit just as I got to weight watchers. I love the idea of snow but driving in it is a completely different story. 


Nancy said...


Way to go, girl!

Sorry to hear about your accident though. Good thing you got home safely, but man, that had to be really scary.

I'm so not a fan of snow and cold weather... Bleh!

Criztawl said...

Awesome loss ... YOU ROCK!!

Sorry to hear that you ended up in the ditch, glad to hear you're okay!!