Sunday, December 21, 2008

Small goal setting

With Christmas being this week and me being away from home for 5 days straight I am not expecting a huge loss next week but I really wanted to set a goal. My goal for next weigh in is ..dah dah dah... 1 pound.
 I know maybe it isn't very challenging but for me to be out of my comfort zone it is actually a huge goal. It is me resolving to say no I will not gain, I will not eat for the sake of eating, and I will break my holiday patterns. Here is to one more pound down next week. 

PS I will eat a couple cookies, I will have Christmas dinner, and I will get in some activity. Snowball fight anyone?


Criztawl said...

I think your 1 pound loss is a great goal! I too will be out of my comfort zone for 4-5 days ... I'm jut hoping to not go crazy on the food!!

Merry Christmas!!

dannielo said...

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