Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weekly goals

I was thinking of starting to setting a weekly goal, so for the remainder of this week my goal is to cut back on the diet coke and increase the water. 
Small steps  seem to work well for me. If I can commit to the small things and  I am able to reach those goals it seems to help me work towards the big picture. 

So since I am home this week (I drink way more dc when I am home) my goal is to limit myself to two diet cokes a day and the rest will be water. 

With that being my primary goal I also want to set a simple second goal. My second goal is to test out my new yoga dvd tomorrow!!

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Just_Kelly said...

I've moved! I've made the transition to Choosinglosing.wordpress.com!

Hope you join me and add the new RSS to your reader!