Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little help here...please

So I am trying to plan a little bit in advance for my next ww journey and I know my biggest issue is that I dont like veggies. I am hoping that someone can give me tips or links on how to cook veggies so that they taste better in a healthy way. I am will to try veggies again but I guess I just don't know what to do with them. 
What I KNOW I  like
sweet potato
white potato
cooked carrots in soup

I really do not like, not even a little....
onions (except powder to season)
broccoli (except in broc and cheddar soup)
butternut squash

I have had yellow squash cut up really tiny, mixed in risotto and I was ok with that so it is one veggie that I am really interested in finding a good recipe on. 
Any tips would be lovely!! Thanks in advance!

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Thinspired said...

Hi Jess! Thank you for your comments on my blog!
About the veggies--do you like tomato/pasta sauce? You can sneak in some veggies there by blending then up and adding it to the tomatoes.
Can you get yourself to eat veggies if there is a dipping sauce of some sort? Like hummus or ranch dressing?
I'll try to think of some other ideas for you!