Thursday, December 4, 2008


SO interesting things are happening in my body today, I am feeling really ok with food. It's kind of strange I feel like I am not having cravings for food, I am more eating to live. 
Why? you may ask. Well I am thinking it is due to the fact that I have gone off my birth control. No I'm not trying to get prego. I just wanted to get off having to take pills and messing with my body. I wanted to see how my body really is. I think that I may be having some side effects that are effecting my emotions. I am so moody, sleepy, and to be honest sooo not in the mood. my poor husband. But anyways before we go too far into the gutter ; ) I just think that I want to see what happens. 
It would be really nice if I lost a little weight from coming off the pill, that would be nice. 

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