Thursday, December 11, 2008

my poor wasted lunch

Does anyone else have this problem? I will pack a lovely lunch, healthy and something that looks good at the time. Then lunch rolls around I can't get myself to eat it, it looks totally unappealing. It doesn't really matter what it is, it just doesn't look good. This is to the point that I would rather not eat at all than eat that food. So in turn I don't eat then I end up binging on junk because I get too hungry.

SO I guess what I want to know is how do you get excited about your lunch, how do I get into the mindset of eating to live rather than being so picky? Any one have a good books on learning to eat to live?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just have to force myself, it gets easier in time. The food I tend to cook usually has less fat, less sugar than anything I can buy, thus doesn't taste as good. However, I can attribute most of my weight loss to not eating out. OTOH, some things I just can't force myself to eat, so I no longer try.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes take 1/2 hour to make my food for the next day!

But today I knew I was running errands and had a crappy salad and wished I would have had my packed lunch!

One of my favorite websites is It's all whole foods, they have all the nutritional info too.