Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not too much happening here...

....except maybe eating everything in sight. Yeah I am going through the eat all the things now that you wont be eating once you start weight watchers again. Shocking right? 
Ok not so much I do this every time and every time my husband says "Why are you eating all that crap its just going to make it harder because it is just more calories you will have to burn eventually." He means this in the best possible way, he's very supportive, and I'll be honest he's right. 
I know it's a ridiculous thing to do but its one of those habits that are hard to break. It's very simpler to a binge except it is much more planned. It's premeditated bingeing with a planned stop date. Speaking of bingeing check out  *bitchcakes* because she really hits home with her post on the topic. 

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