Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can you see it?

If you are really close to goal then you can probably see it, the result of all your hard work. If you are like me at the beginning and really the end goal (weight) is so far away you can barely see it then it might be helpful to set smaller goals.

When you set small/short term goals then it can help you keep up the hard work towards that big goal. Makes sense right? If you are constantly thinking that it is going to take forever than it is easy to give up. If you are constantly celebrating (not with cake) small goals then it will improve your outlook on the journey of your weight loss.

My small goals consist of 5% loss, every 5lbs, every 10lbs, working out x amount of times, and meeting my weekly goals(that always change) This can be something like "this week I will carry my water bottle with me everywhere" or "no diet soda this week" and even "I will stop my negative talk this week" . Small available goals that you are completely in control of.

Yes that is key, your small goals should be under your control because as we all know sometimes no matter how hard we work we can't make the scale read a smaller number. You cannot make your body lose 2lbs a week, you can try to persuade it to but in the end our bodies are really complex and it isn't a guarantee.

So the point that I am trying to make is that you should try setting a small weekly goal or two. So here are mine.

1.Eat out no more than 1 time this week.
2. Move up to 2 minute running intervals.
3. do crunches, push ups, and planks during commercials

So #3 isn't the best for a goal because it is not really specifically measurable. It is not likely that I can do this during every commercial (I watch a lot of tv) but it is a good thing to get into the habit of and a good way to fit a little activity. So as far as #3 as a goal I will feel that I have met it if I do it during atleast one show a day.

Well there are my goals for this week. I hope you can make and meet some good short term goals this week!


totegirl said...

Excellent plan of attack. Consistency and planning (and sometimes forgiveness) are the keys.

Ash said...

Your goals sound great. Way to go on your loss!!

Rosie said...

That's sounds like a great plan... hang in there.

I'm the same way I celebrate every loss... every 5 lbs, and for everyday I have a perfect on plan day I get a star in my journal, every 10 stars I reward myself. I've got 7 so far :)