Sunday, June 7, 2009

I ran this morning even though it was a rest day and to be honest I am wanting to do it again tonight! Running is so addictive!

I put off my project and now I am starting it at 7pm that is not the best idea. I'm sure it will be fine though, shouldn't take me too long then maybe another run!

Food was really easy today, I am within my point and didn't even use my activity points. I find that after running I don't snack as much, what a nice perk!

I guess I should discuss that I have a wee bit of an addictive personality. Once I get into something (running, certain foods, etc.) I want to do it until I am sick of it. This is why I worry so much about running a lot in the beginning. I don't want to get sick of running.

Ahh well off to get that project done!

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