Monday, June 29, 2009


So I am wondering for all you out there who work out during the day/ on lunch breaks etc. How do you fit it in? DO you completely redo your hair/makeup? This seems to be something that deters me many days because I have the energy to workout but don't want to deal with redoing/blow drying my hair. I realize a simple answer would be to workout before my day starts which means only doing my hair once. I truly enjoy having my workout done first thing in the day but I enjoy the workout more when I am in the mood to work out. I actually really enjoy working out mid day during my lunch break when possible but hate going back to work with wet hair.

Honestly I am not a morning person, I keep trying to be but weekends always trip me up. I mean geez who wants to get up early on the weekend? Weekends are made for sleeping! Maybe getting up early will be one of next weeks goals.

Oh well its late and I am ready for bed. Did I mention I got in a second run this evening? Well I did!


H-woman said...

My good friend told me once, "You have a finite number of weekends. Make the most of every one. Get up early, go for a run, read the paper, hit the farmer's market. You'll have all that done before most people are out of bed."

She's a smart cookie, so I listened.

H =)

totegirl said...

I don't wear makeup or blow dry my hair, so I work out, shower, run a comb through my wet hair, and then eat lunch at my desk. This is the look I'm cultivating, and people seem to expect me to have wet hair!

Rosie said...

I wish I had an answer for you... I work out in the mornings before my day starts Mondays-Fridays and that's it... weekends are mine to relax.

Blooming Orchid said...

I wear eyeliner, some days a smudge of eye shadow, and lip gloss (which is gone after two minutes anyway). I typically work out at my lunch break. I don't worry about my hair (one of the joys of wearing it in locks), I slap it up in a pony during the workout and let it air dry after.

The makeup? As long as it's not smeared down my face after the workout, I let it be. I never ever touch it up after my workout. I see a lot of women in the locker room re-applying makeup and blow drying their hair, but I just don't care that much. At most, I swipe a q-tip under my lid to remove any wayward eyeliner.

I shower and apply some good smelling lotion, hoping that my weet smelling self trumps my severaly minimized makeup.

I love early morning workouts on Saturday morning. I have so little time to myself, I enjoy having some peace and quiet. I've found the birds seem to chirp and sing a bit louder early in the morning when I'm out for a run. I like to think it's just for me!

Give it a try. You might find you like it.