Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've been thinking there is a little over 8 months until my cruise, I would be thrilled to lose 40lbs by then which means I would only need to lose 5lbs a month or 1.25lbs a week. Totally doable right? That would bring me down to 145lbs which I haven't seen since middle school. WOW

As a set in the right direction I plan on restarting the couch to 5k podcast with a little modification. In the past I have found that the program moves too fast for me, the jump from running 90 seconds to 3 minutes is too much too fast so I will be working through weeks 1 and 2 more than once. I also plan on doing it every other day as opposed to 3 days a week that way I am at a more steady pace. I am thinking that I will do yoga on the days that I do not run.

Its a big change but I think I can do it. I usually give up on exercise because it makes my weight go up but I am going to focus on the knowledge of the improvements in my body.

I really want to enjoy my cruise without feeling to self conscious to do the things that I really want to do. I want to feel more comfortable with my body and be able to fully experience the trip!

Wish me luck!


♥ Dee ♥ said...

I have a printed out couch to 10k running program that is fantastic... an because it's on a word document, you can totally do it at your own pace. Email me (it's in my profile) if you want it.

Michelle said...

I too am working on the couch to 5k program but modifying it for my needs.
I wanted to tell you thanks for your post! It made my day. I love hearing I am shrinking away LOL.
Funny how you don't know someone but you saying something like that totally motivates me to go do it somemore and want to keep working at it.
We are thinking of a cruise in May for our 10 year anniversary I have never done one either. Tell me how it is when you go in Feb....I am so scared of that food all over the place LOL