Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eat those points!

So I in theory (ww theory that is) overate this week by like 10 points including eating all flex and activity points. I am down my pound as of this morning! Tomorrow is the official weigh in but I am feeling pretty good. Last week when I stuck to the plan to the T, didn't eat all my activity/flex points I stayed the same.

CONCLUSION: Eat you activity points! and flexies too! Granted there was only one day that the point were wasted on junk then rest of my activity/flex were used on realtivly healthy things like cereal, lowfat cheese, and pretzels.

It is such a mind bender to think that I have to eat all those points to loose. It is a completely different mindframe to think oh well I worked out I have to eat more. I am so used to eat less so you loose more!

Does anyone else have trouble with this concept? Or this same situation? Or am I a freak? DO you eat all your flex/activity points?


Crystal (Bye Bye Fat Pants) said...

I eat my flex points, I do not eat my activity points though. The only reason I don't count my activity points is because I don't like how WW's has us figure them out, I think we should be picking the activity and inputting the length we did it and our weight. I don't like deciding what intensity I did the exercise becauuse without a heart rate monitor it's impossible to really know!!

Best of luck with weigh-in tomorrow!

Food Coma said...

I agree with the intensity being a variable thing however if you have an online account it does go by number of minutes and for example the speed that you are walking/running etc.

totegirl said...

I know, it's the weirdest concept! I haven't been eating enough lately because I'm not losing. But I was broke, so that's my excuse. I got paid yesterday, and I am going to buy food and make some soups and stirfries. Then hopefully the scale will move!

Great attitude missy! Woohoo!

Weight Watchers Chic said...

I totally agree. I alternate eating more points (over WW suggested) and the points I am at. I also alternate days- one day more, the next less- or whatever works for my week. If I eat the same amount every wee- I never lose- then on weeks I eat more than suggested, I lose up to 3- Crazy!