Thursday, June 11, 2009

Got my run in this morning! It was tough I'm not going to lie I may need another rest day tomorrow. My calves are still pretty tight. Just to catch you up on my c25k progress I am still running week one. I have decided that I am going to stay at one til I am feeling like I can push harder (does that makes sense?) SO I will probably turn this 9 week program into a 19 week program! Oh well as long as I am still running I don't care how long it takes me.

I am going to be meeting my internship teacher today at 1 so I will be in 3rd grade for a few hours! Fun fun!. I hope we hit it off ok because I will be in her classroom 20 hours a week!

SO I am off to get dressed. Have a lovely day!


Crystal said...

Don't worry if it takes you longer than 9 weeks, like you said, at least you're out there doing it.

I'm still on Week 1 and probably will be for a few more weeks, I'm not going to switch to the second week until I can do Week 1 with no problems.

Christina said...

Great job on getting your run in this morning. It's so addicting.

You endurance will build up quickly and in time it will feel like your legs are taking over your mind and you'll just keep running. It's crazy!! ( weeks or 19 your still out there doing it.

Way to go!!