Friday, June 19, 2009

Had fruit and coffee for breakfast, lunch was fried chicken sandwich with fries (oops), then dinner was cereal. Overall I indulged in lunch but the rest of the day was pretty good. I have to admit as tasty as lunch was I really didnt want to eat it. I knew that I was making a poor choice wasn't feeding my body but rather just feeding my tastebuds.

I got my run in tonight so that was good. I am amazed at how I am able to fit running into my schedule since my full time school schedule is down to one class now. I have run 14 out of the 19 days of this month and I started on the 4th! SO really I have only missed 2 out of 16 days! Pretty good.

I am thinking that I will be needing new sneaker soon because my feet are starting to hurt when I am done running so I will see how that fits into the budget. Also I will be spending the day (starting at 6:30am) in the car driving up north with a friend who has to visit/possibly say goodby to her grandmother who is in the hospital. SO 3 hours there 3 hours back then we are heading to a housewarming party. Food will definitely be a challenge tomorrow but I am armed with 5 weekly points and 23 activity points so I should be fine. I am still going to try to stick to my 27 daily points but if I have a few treats I know that I am covered.

Well well goodnight!

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