Saturday, June 6, 2009

Run # 2 and chocolate milkshakes

So I just got done run number 2 of the c25k and I am feeling good. I got a very exciting text durring my run(yes I have my phone with me on the treadmill, I also was watching a movie and listening to my ipod. I am a multitasker...hello. Ha!) SO anyways it was my friend Jess (the one I was planning a cruise with, plus our husbands) and she fixed teh shceduling problem and WE ARE GOING!! The Bahamas cruise is back on!! YAAAAY!

I am feeling good that even though I thought we weren't going that I kept up with my exercise and good eating. It would have been a good excuse to give up! Think that counts as karma towards our trip? I do.

So I am enjoying my after run treat which is an excellent replacement for a chocolate milkshake!!
It called Jess' Choco-protein milkshake or something like that haha

You simply blend 1 cup milk, 2 tablespoons of choclate syrup (if you use light you can use more!) and a handful of ice to make it "healthy" add a scoop of whey protein powder. If you like chocolate cover bananas then add a frozen banana, heaven! PS big serving

Honestly the basic recipe is from a magazine for frozen chocolate milk and it really is a chocolate milkshake replacement in my mind, it is that good. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Crystal said...

Awesome job on the second run!!! I'm not sure if I'll go for my second tonight or maybe hold off until tomorrow!!

That's awesome that the cruise is back on :)