Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 weeks

Just a glimpse into my thoughts.

In 10 weeks I will see my family who I haven't seen since July. I hadn't lost a noticable amount of weight last time I saw them so my progress went pretty much unnoticed. I have 10 or so weeks until I see them again. If I could lose 10lbs in those 10 weeks then I would be down a total of 25lbs when they saw me. That would be so sweet.

So 10 weeks and 10 pounds is the plan. I want to make a splash when I see everyone at Thanksgiving. It is actually my husband's side of the family who we see for this holiday including the sister in law from hell who thinks it is her goal in life to prove she is better than us. I know I know I need to be doing this for me not for the effect on other people but boy would losing those pounds make me feel good!!


Meredith said...

You can completely do 10 lbs in 10 weeks. Just watch out for the season. The fall season brings out not the best food choices -- pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, etc.

After Thanksgiving are you going to try to maintain through the New Year? I find it so hard to lose during the holiday season. What your's long term goal? Once you lose the 10 lbs are you done?

Food Coma said...

I am working on small goals right now. I am going on a cruise in February and my goal is to be down about 40lbs total by then. Now that would be ideal but really as long as I am making progress I am pretty happy. My true goal is to get to around 135lbs so that is about 40lbs from where I am now. I like to look at holidays as just another week, with another day so I will keep tryin to lose through the holiday months, although I will indulge on those special foods that you only get once a year!